You Fit Into Me by Margaret Atwood

Poetry. Ugh. I have never been the greatest fan of poems. To be honest, I often considered myself to be a bit lacking in the necessary subtlety to enjoy them as much as other forms of art. Embarrassingly often, I would get to the end of the poem and think, “Wait, what? What the fuck did I just read?”

Well, I’ve got many, many poems ahead of me, so I’m going to ease myself into this part of the challenge with a short one. A very short one. Here it is:

You fit into me

Like a hook into an eye

A fish hook

An open eye

Upon reading the title, I admit I rolled my eyes a bit. Four lines later (I know, I’m a bit slow), I was pleasantly surprised to find that this isn’t an overly gratuitous piece on love. In fact, it reads more like a diss than anything else. Like something Atwood would say to a lover before splashing a glass of wine in his face. I appreciate how she dedicates the second half of the poem clarifying that it’s a fish hook and that the eye is open, just in case said lover is thinking she’s absolutely smitten with him.


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